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Doubt was cast on that claim when a Florida newspaper reported that she had been born in Los Angeles.But Harris simply says, “I am who I say I am,” and insists she has Jamaican roots.NEW YOU: Lisa, Daily Burn has really made a huge difference in the lives of people working out at home, providing engaging content at a time when they’re just getting comfortable with a streaming, interactive lifestyle. LISA WHEELER: First and foremost, it’s always been key that it be beginner-friendly.Daily Burn started out five years ago as a simple tracker app that gained a reputation for making good quality, high-end, infomercial-quality videos…She’s known for the catchphrase “The cards never lie,” and now Miss Cleo, the controversial former infomercial psychic, is finally telling some truths — about herself.From the late 1990s through 2002, the woman whose real name is Youree Dell Cleomili Harris was a late-night staple who, in a thick Jamaican accent, urged viewers to dial a charge-by-the-minute 900 number to have their fortunes read.What those viewers didn’t know, and what some members of her own family still don’t know, is that Miss Cleo is a lesbian.Four years after the infomercials were pulled from the air under a cloud of various lawsuits and federal and state investigations, Harris says she has been inspired to come out publicly by a teenage godson.

“It’s a different vibe than when I was his age, being raised Catholic in an all-girls boarding school.He laid there for an hour, unable to move, while his daughters watched television in the living room.By the time he was discovered, the damage had been done. Eventually, Joseph would make it back to work at his law firm, although he couldn’t keep up his old pace.Coco was also commended for his commitment and dedication in his craft by taking on different roles, including portrayal of lead character SPO2 Ricardo Dalisay, his twin brother Ador De Leon, and the female undercover agent Paloma."" which has been on air for a year now, has received praises for teaching viewers about the consequences of crimes and imparting life lessons about family and patriotism.

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