No pay webcam

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Tayser Abuhamdeh doesn’t have what most people would call an exciting job. “Eventually I started opening up, saying random things, telling jokes and laughing at my own jokes.He works behind the counter at a deli in Brooklyn, a small shop that does a brisk business in snacks, coffee, and cigarettes. I started to act like people were there watching, and that’s when they showed up.” Abuhamdeh’s routine was subtle.

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So that made it impossible to do anything involving shooting the band live.

In June of last year, on a whim and mostly out of boredom, Abuhamdeh mounted his phone next to the register and began to broadcast his day on You Now, a live streaming service. People would walk up and pay, he would ring them up, and then as they left, nail them with a zinger spoken to the camera.

But I was nervous, I felt like there were people watching. It was weird.” After a few weeks of broadcasting he began to find his rhythm.

We spoke to Kawamura and Kirkland about the webcam concept, the challenges of working with a cast spread around the world and more. Kawamura: I'm friends with the lead singer and guitarist from the old days, so they joined forces in about 2002 and I was already into design and started working on their album covers.

I made their first video and Hal and I did the second one when we started working together in Amsterdam.

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