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"Mc Neal" is just something we came up with the first time we realized he needed a last name, and no two writers on the show spell it the same.Matthew Brock: This part, like Dave's and Bill's, was written for Andy Dick. The owner of WNYX, Jimmy James, is an eccentric billionaire who loves to meddle in the affairs of the staff.Dave Nelson, station manager for most of 's run, is the calm focal point for the station.The staff unwittingly confide in Dave their expectations for their annual bonus, not knowing that Jimmy has delegated the task to Dave.During this episode pastries humorously keep appearing on Bill's desk.She is seen clearly towards the end of the episode standing outside the broadcast booth, but has no lines during this scene.

Wisconsin native Dave Nelson arrives in New York to start his new job as the News Director at WNYX. Guest stars Kurt Fuller as Ed Harlow, Greg Lee as Rick, Wallace Langham as Jeff, Beau Billingslea as The Security Guard, and Ella Joyce as Catherine Duke.

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The show began with the arrival of new news director, level-headed Dave Nelson (Dave Foley).

While Dave turns out to be less naive than his youthful appearance suggests, he never fully gained control of his co-workers.

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