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Yet dating can be one of the most spiritually perilous and challenging periods in a person’s life, with possible ramifications that span an entire lifetime and likely beyond.

Are there things we need to know before approaching this stage in our lives?

In order for you be in a God-centered romantic relationship, you must first find your personal fulfillment in Christ.

The stronger your faith in God, the better you will be able to love another person.

When many relationships end, it is because one person has found someone else.Datasets from historical sites around the Chesapeake Bay and a synagogue site in Jamaica allow an assessment of the statistical precision of formula dates.The results suggest that archaeologists should report these dates with their standard deviations and not as single-number results.These principles allow extension of the methods to prehistoric cases in some circumstances.The formulas, however, produce single numbers that may be misleading in their apparent precision.

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