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Who it's for: Music streamers looking for something different i OS: Free (/month for premium version) Android: Free (/month for premium version) Although Spotify fanatics will rail on and on about why it's the best out there, Apple put out one hell of an (arguably better) alternative this year. Who it's for: Bargain-hunting jet-setters i OS: Free Android: Free Hopper is constantly analyzing billions of airline prices and pricing trends to predict (and alert you of) the best moment to book your next flight for the cheapest price.

Who it's for: Online shoppers in search of an Amazon alternative i OS: Free Android: Free Competing with the e-commerce juggernaut that is Amazon may seem foolish, but recently launched Jet is successfully doing just that, banking on its ability to undercut Bezos & co. Who it's for: Amateur wannabe stock traders i OS: Free Android: Free It's tough to get too jazzed about a stock-trading app, but Robinhood is making it easier than ever for the market novices among us to test out the wild waters of Wall St, without racking up any commission fees.

The i Phone 4 is capable of recording 720p HD video at up to 30 frames per second with audio, while both the i Phone 4S and the i Phone 5 bump up the video quality to 1080p HD.

You don't have the dedicated microphone jack and 50x zoom you would find in consumer-grade video cameras, but for most purposes, the i Phone is just fine for taking fantastic home videos.

There's an admirable 20,000 titles available, even including a mobile copy of the Karma Sutra. Link: i Phone Price: £5.99Gymbabes Swap your own time on the treadmill for a less tiresome, visual workout.

Take your pick of two lovely ladies putting in a vigorous stint on your behalf.

And for some, such as couples in long-distance relationships, sexting can keep communication and sexual desire strong.

So, without further ado, here are our picks for the 25 must-download smartphone apps of the year.As I mentioned in my photo tips, I am not a pro photographer by any means, just a mom who has picked up some tips and tricks from using the i Phone as her primary camera.If you have your own suggestions, please share them in the comments.Who it's for: Efficiency fanatics i OS: .99 Workflow allows you to streamline your day by combining different actions from various apps together in one place.For instance, create a shortcut for "Uber to my next event," and the app automatically pulls address data from your next calendar invite and requests an Uber to pick you up from your current location and drive you there.

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