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For more than 1,000 years, emperors, aristocrats, governors and monks have chronicled the flowering of Japan’s famed cherry trees in the city of Kyoto.

But bloom dates have shifted radically earlier in recent decades, a sure sign that the region’s climate is warming and warming fast.

Cherry blossom fans are hoping for the best, however.

The trees reach into the Tidal Basin water and down to sea level, which can act as a 'thermal blanket' to the trees, says NBC 4.

The March 15 date is five days earlier than normal because up until now, the temperatures had been unusually warm, bringing forth the blossoms earlier than average.

From roughly 800 to 1850, the blossom flowering time was fairly stable.Even if the temps reach 27 degrees, up to ten percent of the blossoms could never reach maturity.The DC area is predicted to get four to eight inches of snow starting Monday night and Thursday night may drop dangerously close to the blossom-killing 24 degrees.This site has gained fame even in other continents and the several men and women living in USA, Canada, Spain and other European countries have become members of this free dating site and many of them have reportedly obtained their soul mates from this site only.This site was established in 1974 and is running successfully for 40 years now, with the membership of around 61,000 single females and 11,000 single males.

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