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And to be honest, it doesn't really look extremely pornographic to someone who doesn't pay much attention to it. In a sense, this is almost like promoting the line. When you see it around, don't jump to conclusion and blame Bobby first.

Just let Bobby and all the other idols wear what they want and stay put of it I think fans are reading too much hentai and needs to lay off of it... Seriously though, the adults are the one bringing this to the teens attention by blasting it on social media. If there's an issue regarding a celebrity, ppl will start talking about it. Kids also be expected to have parental guidance for the internet when they're of a very young age.

Bobby is a grown man and if he wants to wear something like that, let him.

They shouldn't be told by netizens what's right and wrong to wear. Just saying if you really wanted to keep it away from the kids it wouldn't be here in the first place.

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